Today in the studio, I had an inspiring model, beautiful sunlight, and an altogether wonderful setup.  And after nine hours of painting, seven of which were with the model, I was very tired.  For the last hour, I couldn’t even see what I was painting anymore.  In fact, my eyes were not tired, but the processing chip of the computer in my brain was not functioning anymore.  The only thing I can liken it to is the experience I’ve had of running five miles in a race.  On the fifth mile comes the out of body experience, in which my legs are no longer attached, my lungs are not my own… my being is just moving forward listlessly.  Perhaps this was the best stretch of painting, in which my conscious mind sort of shut down.  Perhaps, though, it is the time in which I undid all the good which I had labored over.  And so, I am wondering how the painting will appear to my fresh eyes tomorrow morning.  Whatever the case is, it feels good to be back in the studio, working long days again.


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