Portrait Commissions

Kevin studied portrait drawing and painting for several years at the Charles Cecil Studios of Florence, Italy, the oldest atelier in Europe, and has been producing professional commissions for over seventeen years. “I always search for the story in my sitter’s eyes, the light falling on a cheekbone, the particular way of smiling, the way the underside of an eyelid narrows, the unique way a content person will sit. For me, I’m not so into stiff portrait formulas… I enjoy waiting, watching for the individual. It’s the idiosyncrasies that I’m after, and I think that’s perhaps why my clients seek me out- to capture the human spirit.”

The English poet John Keats wrote “A thing of beauty is a joy forever, its loveliness increases, it will never pass into nothingness…”  Long after printer inks and photographs have lost their luster, Kevin McEvoy’s paintings will continue to shine, as they are created to last, steeped in the time honored traditions of Italian, Dutch, and English painting techniques which Kevin acquired in Europe.

Those interested in a portrait will naturally have many questions, and so every commission begins with a conversation between artist and client. You can contact Kevin at kevinwilliammcevoy@gmail.com, or through the online contact form, found here on this site. Portrait sitters typically describe a portrait posing session as being “as comfortable as a conversation.”


How Does it Work:

Kevin completes commissions either at your home or in his studio.  Depending on the complexity of the painting the commission usually takes 3-4 sittings for a Cameo painting and up to 7 sittings for a full length portrait.  When working from life the subject talks and relaxes with Kevin while he paints.  The entire experience is enjoyable from beginning to end.  There is no need for the sitter to sit rigidly or be nervous.  Getting your portrait painted is a wonderful experience.

Below you will see two sped up videos of a portrait commission in a sitter's home.  As you see the sitter is having a great time chatting away with Kevin, while he produces a great likeness of her character and physical traits in just three sittings.  

Kevin McEvoy, Paints day one of Cameo Portrait Commission
Kevin McEvoy, Day Two Cameo Portrait

Oil Painting Commission Rates

Adult or Child, Oil Painting Portrait SizePrice
Cameo11" x 14"$3,500
Head and Shoulders14" x 18" - 24" x 28"$5,000
Half Length (Hands Included)22" x 30" - 30" x 36"$7,000
Three Quarter Length32" x 38" - 40" x 50"$9,000
Full Length42" x 52" - 44" x 72"$10,000

Drawing Commission Rates

Adult or Child, Charcoal/GraphitePrice
Head and Shoulders$1,500
Half Length$3,000

Pet Commission Rates

Pet Portraitoildrawingsmall (scaled down)
Cameo$2,000$1,00050% previous relevant item
Head and Shoulders (yes, they have shoulders)$3,000$1,50050% previous relevant item
Full Size$4,000$2,00050% previous relevant item


Interested in a Portrait Commission:

Email Kevin McEvoy at kevinwilliammcevoy@gmail.com to discuss what you’re thinking of. He will discuss with you the different options available and what fits your needs best.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What scale are the subjects painted? All figures are painted life size, unless otherwise stipulated by the client. Regardless of scale, the price remains the same.
  • What if I would like additional figures on the canvas? Simply multiply the number of figures by the cost per sitter.
  • Is there any discount for multiple portrait sitters? Yes, there is a 10% discount for each additional sitter.
  • Do you paint from life, or can you paint from a photo? Both. While I far prefer painting from life, feel free to simply call me to discuss your painting, and we can take it from there.
  • Is there a discount if you paint from a photograph? No, it is actually much more difficult for me to paint from a photo.
  • Can you explain the pricing of your pet portraits? I paint a pet with as much attention to detail as I would a human sitter
  • Would you paint a deceased loved one, if I have a photo? Only if the photo reference is exceptional.
  • Do you paint children? Yes, absolutely, I have three boys of my own, and I paint them constantly. They are so full of wonder, children are a delight to paint.
  • What if my kid is nuts, and I can’t get ’em to sit still? That’s no problem. I’m a father with young kids, trust me I get it. Just reach out to contact me, and let’s talk. There’s always a solution.
  • Do you paint elderly people? Of course, they have the most stories to tell
  • Do you paint married couples? Yes, if they like each other.
  • Can I come to your studio to sit for the painting? Certainly.
  • Can you come to my house to paint the portrait? Yes, of course- though if it is very far from my home (>15 miles), I will have to charge extra for gas/lodging/etc.
  • Do you frame the painting? No, but I do have a number of excellent framers that I recommend, who offer framing solutions for all levels
  • Would you help me design a custom frame? Glad you asked- I would love to! It does add a little bit onto the cost of the painting, if I design the frame. I have two custom framers, one who works in wood, another who works in metal. The woodworker will carve and then gild/finish/paint the frame as I stipulate. The metalworker is fantastic, and can come up with a variety of sleek designs and patinas that I’ve worked on through the years.
  • Will you help advise me where to hang the painting? Certainly, that can be discussed.
  • Do you charge extra if my pet is in the painting? Yes, see above table
  • Do you paint complex backgrounds? If the painting calls for it, I will suggest a background, but I never paint a portrait with an ornate, highly detailed background. It overpowers the face.
  • Do you take commissions other than portraits? Certainly, that is a big part of my painting career. I enjoy providing creative solutions to individual’s needs. Run your idea by me.
  • Can prints be made of the final painting, to share with family members? As per the 1974 Congressional Copyright act, the artist retains the copyright of the image.  If you are interested in additional prints, I do have a printer that I use and we can discuss the amount of prints you are interested in and the price before printing. 

Payment- cash, credit, debit, cheque accepted. Apple Pay, Venmo, Paypal not accepted.
1/3 total cost deposit due at signing of contract. Deposit is non refundable.
Second payment of 1/3 total cost is due upon halfway completion of painting.
Final 1/3 total cost is due upon the completion of the painting.
Sales tax not included in above prices, but will be calculated upon the agreement in the final price, and added on to the total.
Varnishing is not provided by the artist, but Kevin will provide a recommendation regarding a professional art conservator that can perform the service.


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