His adjectives classical painting, his nouns modern life, Kevin McEvoy’s work is an amalgamated vocabulary.  Having acquired painting techniques at the world renowned Charles Cecil Studios of Florence, Italy, Kevin returned to New York to construct a custom designed painter’s studio on Long Island.  His works show the painful regret in a prisoner’s eye, the hopeful lines of a pregnant woman, the rust atop a vice.  His paintings speak to us because they are a testament to lived experience, a poem to everyday life.

“I’m not so concerned with originality, I’m not after that artist statement that shocks us with its newness.  It’s really just simple.  I just paint what I am with, where I am.  I simply relay the story before me, the way the neck of a violin is worn down by a century of playing, the lyrical silhouette of a woman’s neck, the distant stare of a Vietnam Veteran.  I’m fascinated by common things.”

Before training in Florence, Kevin studied oil painting in New York and Valparaiso, Chile. Today he paints and teaches in New York, where he lives with his wife and three sons.

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Portrait of Assemblyman Michael Fitzpatrick

The English poet John Keats wrote “A thing of beauty is a joy forever, its loveliness increases, it will never pass into nothingness…”  Using centuries old techniques acquired during his classical training at the Charles Cecil Studios of Florence, Italy, Kevin McEvoy creates paintings with the craftsmanship of time honored tradition, works that will last for countless generations.



Kevin accepts commissions for various subjects.  A portrait commission begins with a conversation between artist and client, after which the sitting takes place at the sitter’s home, or at the artist’s north light studio located on the north shore of Long Island.  Portrait sitters typically describe a portrait posing session as being “as comfortable as a conversation.”

Portrait Commissions from life

Shannon Foley Charcoal Portrait Commission

Portraits range from Charcoal Drawings, to Oil Paintings to even Bronz Busts. Prices range from $800 – $30,000 depending on what the client is looking for.  Please contact for more details.


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