If, years from now, a young man reads this blog, and if that young man has a wife, and children, and a consuming career, and a house, and is in contract on a new house, and… if you, dear young man, think that time is too precious to break for a vacation with your wife and little children, then you are wrong.

We are in Camden, Maine, staying at my sister in law’s home.  There is a beautiful meadow that runs down to the beach, and there, on that rocky shore, my sons and my nephews are having the time of their life.  Climbing rocks, catching hermit crabs, making snorkels out of straws, laughing.

Here is Eoin, my cool little nephew, relaxing on a towel, on the beach.  He was just a boy, a year ago. He’s almost a man now.

Why is it that we parents are forever anxious to see what is round the bend, forever hoping that today will become tomorrow, forever wishing that our kids would grow up healthy and strong, and yet we fail to see the beauty in them now, today, this moment, with the beautiful sun shining on their strong shoulders.  Jesus taught us to leave tomorrow in God’s hands, and to bask in the gifts, the joy, that we have today.


Here is my homage to today, to the moment.


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