So, after two weekends in the city, the Washington Square Outdoor Show has ended.  I’m so very tired, I can’t describe.   The second weekend was unusually slow and hot.  However,  notwithstanding the heat, I enjoyed the fact that some friends came out to greet me.  One of my friends, George Jochnowitz, made his way out to the booth with a special surprise- he wore a handmade shirt that reads “Down with the Communist Party,” written in Chinese.  The shirt was actually a gift given to him by anti-communist Chinese protesters in China, and he wears it on the anniversary of the Tienanmen Square Massacre.  George tells me that some Chinese people in New York read it and respond with an affirming smile, and others shoo him away.

Saturday, I baked in the sun.  I could have practically worn a cheesy, eighties headband, in order to keep the sweat out of my eyes.  Needless to say, this weather was not conducive for exhibiting artwork.  The people were few, and those who did venture out were in a rush to get out of the sun.  And then, the weather forecast for Sunday threatened thunderstorms, rain, and powerful wind gusts.  Before I set up my tent, I decided to wait and see.  Sure enough, the gusts of wind came.  And if the rain came,  I was faced with the problem of having a truck that lets in lots of rain- potentially soaking my paintings.  So, instead of exhibiting, I decided to head back home.

I’m happy with the show overall, as I had a lot of nice conversations, a few excellent sales, and several promising portrait commissions.  I’ve already had some people whom I had met in the city come and visit my studio and look at some additional paintings- that’s exciting for me!  Although I do wish that second weekend went better, I’m not going to let it bother me, especially as there are so many good things going on right now.

Here’s a few drawings I quickly did on Saturday.  The fellow next to me was a wood carver, and he bided his time by chiseling away at a small sculpture.   After I sketched him a few times, I took the photo with my cell phone- I thought it would be interesting to see the two side by side.   I sketched this while I waited for the midday sun to pass…


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