Well, the big bad wolf (named Sandy) huffed and puffed, but my house is made of stucco and plaster.  So, it didn’t fall.  No water damage, no trees down, and our power is on.  Margaret and I are just so grateful, to have things running along- it would be pretty difficult otherwise, with two boys and an infant!  And just as wonderful is the fact that my studio, with enormous 12 x 15 skylight, is watertight- no damage at all.

I’ve actually been able to get a load of work done.  Portrait commissions have kept me busy, lately.  And otherwise, a funky still life has emerged from my hands.  This painting is about forty five minutes in.  I think it’s funny.  No, I think it’s hysterical.  Reminiscent of my ol’ vice painting, in my opinion.  I would talk about the painting at length, but then, I don’t want to bastardize the poor thing.  I will say that I will be framing this with rusted steel, just like my other inmate painting.  Excited to put another ten days or so of work into this painting.

You know, somebody at an exhibition asked me once, “When you paint, do you think of where the painting is going to hang.  I mean, what kind of weirdo would put that up in their house?”  The answer is, the statistic function on my blog informs me that regularly there are about seventy of you, checking in on me every day or so.  It’s comforting to know that I am not alone- many thanks to all of you weirdos for your kindred company.

Education, 18″ x 24″, oil on linen