Those of you who know my wife, personally, are well aware of the grace and serenity of her carriage.  She speaks softly, her mellifluous voice borne upon the winds of this world in airy dalliance, her strain a constant diapason of glee.   And so it was with this winsome elegance that she entered my studio today, whilst I painted merrily, and she wistfully parted her ruby lips and spoke “What the heck, I read your blog today, and it’s been terrible.  I mean, wow, when was the last time that you had a decent entry.  You gotta write some more, come on- jeez.”

Sheesh, I’m sorry.

Truth be told, I’m painting more than I can ever remember.  I’ve had several commissions going at once, I’ve painted a great deal with models, I’ve set up easels on boats at six in the morning on the South Bay.  But, my hour of blogging has been redesignated, or rather, repurposed- instead of sitting down at ten in the evening with my laptop and a cup of decaf coffee, I strap on something called “Baby Bjorn.”  It is a front ended baby carrier which is delightfully similar to the gun holster of an undercover cop- every time I snap the baby carrier on, a saxophone lets out a long, smooth Chicago jazz note, a nearby streetlight slinks into my dark office through the crooked venetian blinds, and I become police detective McEvoy, ready for a night of cigarettes, hard liquor, and fearless crime fighting.  But then, I realize that Quinn is screaming crying, and I grab some baby wipes and my sweet little three month infant, and I snap him in.  We head out the front door.  Quinn and I take long walks together every night, sometimes an hour and a half long.  In the cool night air, we amble along wooden docks, we saunter along quiet main streets, we cheerfully watch the neighbor’s homes flicker with the warm, romantic light of flat screen televisions.  And by the end of the walk, thank goodness, Quinn is asleep.

And the past few weeks, I have been immersed in the upcoming show in New York City, “Converge.”  I am thrilled to say that I will be featuring my huge painting, “Inmates”, at gallery 25CPW, located at sixty second street and Central Park West.  I am so excited, as I will be showing with some of my favorite artists, both from home and abroad.  I would be very pleased to have all of you come out to the reception, this Thursday, November 15th, from 6 til 9 p.m.  The show runs until the 27th of November.  Visit the website of the exhibition for more details,  This is my biggest exhibition venue, yet, and so I am going to make a special offer- buy one painting for the price of two, and get the second one for free!  Hope to see you there.


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