So, as my wife has kindly pointed out to me, it’s been some time since my last blog.  There are numerous factors that attribute to this dearth of blogging, but chief among them is my dear little son, Liam.  In exhibiting his Thomas Edison aspirations, he decided to experiment with the keyboard of our only computer.  From the other room, we heard our darling boy chuckling away, saying the alphabet out loud, chirping with glee.  We came into the room to find that he had successfully pried off about thirteen keys, and proceeded to throw them around the room.  After several hours of intensive surgery, my wife emerged from the room with a dismayed face.  She pulled down her sterilized mask and whispered “I did all I could… I’m so sorry, I don’t think that Dell is going to make it.”  Okay, perhaps the situation is not quite so dire, but we never did get the letter “g” to work again.

In the wake of this minor tragedy, Iwrote a few emails and simply left out the letter g.  This caused a few problems in comprehension, as you might imagine.  And so, I have taken to composing emails, etc, on the obliging notebook computer of a friend.  Problem is, this little notebook computer is as bright and efficient as… well… I’ll describe it.  You ask it to open a graphic file of modest size, and it looks at you with its jaw slack, hair protruding from its nostrils, eyelids covering half of its pupils, a bit of drool coming out of the corner of its mouth.  It spits a bit of tobacco into a little cistern, wipes its mouth, stares up at the sky, and says “Dunno if dat dere files a gunna fit into dat dere umm, whatchamacallit, dat fangled thing that ya, ummm, the uh hard drive is… it’s a hard drive to route 66 this time a year… umm…. wudja ask again?”

Notwithstanding the computer impaired, I am painting away.  I’ve been working on a bunch of small sketches.  I’ve got my two shows coming up, the show in Washington Square, and another show in Setauket, Long Island.  I’ve got a load of big paintings, so I decided to enjoy myself for a few weeks, and work on some smaller sketches, just for fun.  I’ve included some smaller sketches here, along with some details of the painting of Patricia.  Recently, I’ve been learning how to enjoy paint for paint’s sake.


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