Learn with Kevin

It is with great pleasure that Kevin announces the opening of the McEvoy Atelier, a two pronged studio comprised of the McEvoy Atelier Online component, and In Person Classes. Click the video below to see this exciting new offering! While this site, kevinmcevoy.com continues to feature Kevin’s personal art works and professional painting career, all of Kevin’s teaching offerings have now moved to this new website. See links below.

ONLINE: The McEvoy Atelier Online is an exciting new program of study featuring scores of hours of online instruction, with hours of valuable insights added weekly. Join Kevin as he draws and paints and narrates the world of drawing and painting- from the drafting table to the easel, from forays deep in the Catskill Mountains to the rusting boat hulls of Montauk Point. Click the video below to learn more, and visit www.mcevoyatelier.com.

IN PERSON: Kevin offers very popular, weekly Plein Air drawing and painting classes, at various sites throughout Long Island- click mcevoyatelier.com/courses/in-person-plein-air/.  Regarding studio instruction, Kevin is exploring safe options but is not offering studio classes yet, in this current COVID environment- stay tuned.


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