Online instruction is available in portraiture, still life, and anatomy.

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Online private tutorials are available in beginner drawing, still life, portraiture and constructive anatomy. Lessons will involve critiques of 1 – 3 works of art. In which you will email the piece you are working on and then we will schedule a 30-60min critique over the computer using Zoom.  Students typically find 2 – 4  half hour lessons per month provide a sufficient critique to keep their work moving forward steadily as they work in their homes.  I recommend starting with two lessons per month and then scaling up to 4 per month when you are ready.

During the tutorial, I will digitally draw and explain my suggestions, assist in art material selection and also give you direction as far as what projects you should pursue to increase your skill level. I enjoy relaying the knowledge that I have, to those that are interested.  After each lesson the student can access a video recording of the lesson so that they can refer back to the lesson throughout the week.  Many students find this incredibly helpful.

Questions about what studying online might look like? No problem, it’s as easy as can be. Just take a look at the video below, to see a random class that I have conducted.

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