Project: Starbucks of Long Island

Portrait by Kevin McEvoy, hanging at the Starbucks in Islip, NY

Commissioned by the Starbucks corporation, Kevin painted and installed this large piece at the Starbucks in Islip, New York.  The painting was done entirely on site at the commercial fishing docks in Islip.

“Starbucks contacted me and said they wanted me to capture the identity of the town, the thing that fueled the people walking through the doors of their cafe.  Islip is a seaside town, proud of its clamming history, and proud of its current fleet of commercial, ocean-going fishing vessels.  It was a natural fit to have my son sit at the very docks where he regularly plays at the foot of the Sarah Beth fishing boat.  I worked on this painting for four months.  When the Starbucks construction crew placed the painting into the niche on the wall, the surrounding barnwood was installed to match the paint perfectly.  It was a very enjoyable painting to work on, from beginning to the end.  When I stop by for a coffee, as I wait on line I anonymously stand and listen, and I always hear people commenting on the painting, as they wait on line.  Mothers stare, little kids talk about the boy fishing, men comment on which fishing boat that is. It’s so fulfilling to connect to the community in that way.”

Beside the painting, engraved into a plaque, is a small poem of Kevin’s choosing, written by a nineteenth century American poet.

“Often I think of the beautiful town
That is seated by the sea;
Often in thought go up and down
The pleasant streets of that dear old town,
And my youth comes back to me.”

-Longfellow, My Lost Youth


If you visit Main Street in Islip, thank the staff at Starbucks (455 Main St  Islip, NY 11751) for supporting local artists and giving back to the local community. Or show your appreciation on the Starbucks Facebook page.


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