singing in nyc rain

Second weekend of the New York City, Greenwich Village Outdoor Art Fair.  Well, when I went to load my truck with my paintings last night, I found that the rain had gotten there first.  There was nothing important back there, but everything back there was soaked.  My super duper, pick up truck cap, which I got to protect me from the rain, is as efficient as a colander.  So, what does this mean?

My sister is driving over with her Jeep, a SUV type of Pathfinder thing.  Instead of having the truck packed and being on the road right now, I’m a waitin’ for her to roll up.  Then I’ll pack the back of the Jeep, and head off to Manhattan.

I would say that I am somewhat inconvenienced by my truck doing this, but to get mad at your good ol’ Chevy for letting in water would kind of be like getting mad at your good ol’ dog for losing control of his water on the kitchen floor.  And so I smile, pet him, remember the good years we had together, and secretly contemplate what type of van I will replace him with.


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