A few blogs ago, I posted some information on the upcoming portrait painting demonstration that I will be giving at the Islip Public Library.  A few people have contacted me, and asked me how they might sign up for it.  And so, I just wanted to run that information through this blog again, just to be sure that my readers know how to obtain tickets.

The painting demonstration will be on January 12th, at 1:30 p.m., at the Islip Public Library.  The tickets are free, and you can simply call to reserve your tickets.  The number is 631-581-5933.

I will be exhibiting the “Eight Faces of Islip” in the month of January, at the Islip Public Library.  As well, I’m excited to say that a group of my students will be exhibiting their works in the internal gallery in the library.  It’s exciting to see how these artists, now friends, have grown through the years.  In their latest crop of paintings, I’ve seen their paintings leap beyond the bounds of “class studies,” and take on a whole new ambition and dimension, with their personal vision coming through.  Exciting!

As I paint the portrait over the course of three hours, I will be narrating the methods of portrait painting.  While I paint, the pianist and performer Mitch Kahn will be playing tunes on the grand Steinway piano.  And I’m pretty sure that I will be talking a bit- okay a lot- about some of the adventures in painting.  The library will be announcing the event to the public in one week, so get your reservation in there, if you are interested!

And as if there is not reason enough to come already, there may be a guest appearance by the famed, internationally renowned artist extraordinaire, Liam.  Here is a photo that I recently came across, showing him hard at work in my studio.  It’s so funny, when he arrives at my studio to draw or paint with me, his demeanor takes on a whole new tone, and he becomes very studious, very serious.  Life is good.