So, I’ve got some nice news- my painting “The Fiddle and the Violin” won first prize at the Huntington Arts Council Still Life show.  Woo- hoo!  The reception is Friday the 3rd, 6 to 8 pm, at the Main Street Petite Gallery in Huntington.  When I completed this painting eight months ago, I feel like I really stepped into something that is all my own.  People have responded so enthusiastically to this work, which has been such a momentum builder for me.

The Fiddle and the Violin, 24″ x 30″, oil on linen

The reader of this blog will be able to see how this still life painting has brought me into another painting.  My wife always grossly exaggerates, and says that my favorite painting is the one which I am working on.  That being said, I am so excited about the following painting- it is my favorite piece I’ve ever worked on.  And so it needs to be- an artist has to be the most excited about the current work, but cannot see that work clearly until it has been out of eyesight for a few months.

Once the sheet music and the cloth went in… the painting took on a whole different dimension.  I finally achieved something of the mystery and the metaphor, the poetry.   I was able to say things about art, about life, about beauty, about passion, desire, expression, inspiration, nature, the beauty of form… things which I can’t describe in words.  Isn’t that why we paint, and play music?

Well, the rabbi who praises himself has an audience of one- so I’ll stop being so loquacious, and let you look at the work in progress.

Untitled, 84″ x 40″, oil on linen


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