Returning home to three young boys is akin to jumping off your BMX bike at full speed- if your feet aren’t moving, you will have grass stains on your forehead. That being said, it is the most wonderful thing in the world to return home to my incredibly supportive wife, and to my giggling children.

I’m eager to write all about London, the trip couldn’t have been better. But, at the moment things are busy, so I will just relay a bit of wonderful news. I am featured in a nice article in Professional Artist Magazine! The very painting which I dropped off in London has a wonderful spot in the article about Converge, the exhibition on Central Park West, curated by Allison Malafronte. The article was written by Terry Sullivan. The Professional Artist magazine is for sale in most places where magazines are sold, such as stationary stores, and Barnes and Noble.

There is so much more good news, but I have to go scoop up my three year old son Evan because, as he said, “Da da, you can’t do Londons so many times, only the airplane one day, because you did Londons too much, and you hurt my feelings.” If Teddy Roosevelt could tell the Russian emperor to wait while he wrestled with his children on the front lawn of the White House, then I suppose my blog can wait.