So, life is as busy as ever, with the arrival of our new baby just seven weeks away.  Margaret and I are in lockdown mode, trying to make our nest as secure and comfortable as possible.  Installing new dishwasher, fixing front door, drilling this, sawing that, staining, sealing, varnishing…  and with this whirlwind of activity, we thought it was wise to throw yet another event into the mix.  Kind of like those jugglers who aren’t content with just juggling plates or balls, but they have to throw a few chainsaws into there.

So, this coming Saturday, the 16th, and the following Saturday, the 23rd, I will be doing drawing and painting demonstrations at Gallery North.  From 2 til 5 p.m., I will be doing a three hour portrait drawing on the 13th, demonstrating the step by step approach of portrait drawing.  It will be relaying the exact technique which I learned from Charles Cecil, during my schooling in Italy.  My model is a wonderful portrait sitter, George, an older man with glorious, bulrush eyebrows.  He’s ever so Civil War.  I will be explaining the unfolding of the drawing, step by step.

The following week, I will be doing a painting demonstration of the same portrait sitter, based upon that same drawing.  That’s the 23rd, from 2 to 5 p.m.  I will be covering painting methods, materials, and even that nebulous idea of capturing the “soul” of a sitter.  It’s a wonderful way to see the step by step unfolding of a portrait painting.  It’s a wonderful way of coming to understand the materials and paints which I use, colors which are easily purchased from stores as far as Florence, and as close as Brooklyn.

I’m hoping to have a good number of people there, so that I can do demonstrations like this more often in the future.  So come ye all, bring yer loved ones.  It’s 25 dollars per person, most of the proceeds go to the not-for-profit gallery, and some of it goes to my ever expanding litter of Irish children, running barefoot in the yard amongst the chickens.  Bring your sketchpad, to make notes.  If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP to Gallery North.  You can do so by visiting  You may also do so by emailing Liz at  Elizabeth Turer at  You can also contact the gallery at 631 -751- 2676.

Hope to see you there!