artsy fartsy


So, the Washington Square Show has come and gone again. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my career is speaking with hundreds of different people, hearing their thoughts in regards to my paintings, and their lives. Young and old, short and tall, crazy and composed... and my artwork passing through the filter of all of them. I really enjoy it. The painting of the inmates really resonated with many people. I was able to speak with two really nice people, both of whom were very interested in the story behind the painting. They came back later in the day, continued the conversation, and shot a photo. They promised to send the shot to me- and they did. Many thanks to Rich Croland, of, for the photo.

A good thing about my art career- no, certainly the best thing about my art career- is that twice a year, I am privileged to sit beside my booth on a New York City street and listen to young New York University girls walk up and down the sidewalk, scream into their iPhones, and break up with their boyfriends. All this delectable, steamy drama, sprinkled with "YA", the "a" in ya sounding somewhat like a short o, as it were. Indeed, it seems a rite of passage for this legion of fair maidens, to purge themselves publicly of amorous ills, whilst blessing all of University Avenue with the spectacle. As the Romans must have delighted in the blood of the Coliseum, so I, too, delight in these damsels in distress. Or, perhaps they are damsels causing distress- I'm no one to judge.

Though I clearly enjoyed the show, sales were slim this year. However, I landed the best portrait commission of my career, so that's exciting. And, I got a nice, hefty parking ticket. I considered picking the pocket of a policeman, to pay the fee, but I concluded that, although just, it may have been a bit rash.

As the show drew to a close, I was approached by a woman, Barika Edwards, who runs a radio program in the city. She was really intrigued by my painting of the inmates, and we began to talk. After a few moments, she pulled out a recorder type machine, and interviewed me. Tomorrow, she is interviewing Michael Findley- author and art world figure. She plans to present some information about me and my painting of the inmates, apparently, as a talking point in the show. Who knows?

Here's the info, to listen via the web.

Show: "Artsy Fartsy"
Station: WBAI
Online Station:
Day: Tuesday, September 4th
Time: 2 p.m.

Apparently, they are going to take phone calls, to have listeners participate.