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Boots and laces, by Kevin McEvoy

Ehrardt, a painting in the Faces of Islip series by Long Island artist Kevin McEvoy

Violin, wine and sheet music, by Kevin McEvoy


Old boots, by Kevin McEvoy

Man looking up, by Kevin McEvoy

Power saw, by Kevin McEvoy

Prisoners, by Kevin McEvoy

Tape measure, by Kevin McEvoy


Violin and spilled beer on a blue chair, by Kevin McEvoy



Violin by open window, by Kevin McEvoy
Girl looking back, by Kevin McEvoy

Violin on table with wine, by Kevin McEvoy

Portrait by Kevin McEvoy, hanging at the Starbucks in Islip, NY


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  1. Wow! Amazing paintings, Kevin! Your sister, Colleen, introduced your art works to me. I’m so excited to see such master works here in Long Island!

    1. Thanks so much, Julie! I somehow did not see this comment earlier, I very much appreciate you writing. Feel free to stop by my studio anytime that you would like, I always enjoy showing visitors around. It’s a sprawling 5,000 square feet of natural light painting studios, galleries, and a rare art book library with over 10,000 fine art books, and even a secret door, ha. Thanks again Julie, talk to you.

  2. Hi Kevin; my name is Laura Endres and I am the program director for the Smithtown Rotary Club. I was hoping you would be able to give a presentation at our club? Right now we have available August 7th as the earliest date and many others through December. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you and your work is amazing!

    1. Hi Laura, I apologize- I somehow did not receive your message in the past, and am just now seeing it. (This message was embedded within my website, but I did not see it where it usually lands, in my email inbox.) I am very honored by your request, and of course, I would be very happy to give a presentation at the Smithtown Rotary- would you like for me to discuss my art career in general, and perhaps the beginning of the Atelier at Flowerfield? It’s exciting to relay the journey that I’ve had- from a boy sketching and wandering in the woods of Blydenburgh Park, to a young man studying classical drawing and painting in Italy, to professional artist and director working here on Long Island. Just let me know, and I’d be very happy to share! Again, very honored by your request, and I look forward to talking. Feel free to email me at – Sincerely, Kevin McEvoy

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