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  1. Hello Kevin,
    I admire your paintings, I am a realist wildlifelife sculptor living on Long Island my entire life. I thought I would share my work with you. I’m always looking to showcase my work if you know of any opportunities I would be grateful.
    Shawn McAvoy

    1. Hi Shawn, I apologize that I did not see your comment earlier, somehow the messages from my website were not correctly being directed to my email inbox. I would very much like to see your work, your sculptures, and to meet up. Would you ever like to visit my studio? It’s called the Atelier at Flowerfield, located in Saint James, and you are more than welcome to come by. I have a 2,000 square foot gallery, several painting studios, and I’m always glad to meet another artist. Just visit the website, and give a call to my administrator, she will arrange a time for you to come by. Thanks again for writing Shawn!

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